Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I understand that Wainwright agents go on a 100% split after the company makes $2,900 in a year. Is this $2,900 a fee that I will owe even if I don't do enough business to reach that goal?

A. No, the $2,900 is what the company earns from the commission split. You don't owe anything if you don't sell anything.

Q. Since Wainwright is not a member of the local Realtor association, how would that affect me as an agent?

A. Since we are not members of the local trade association, our agents do not need to pay the association dues that member agents must pay. This has no effect on our ability to sell real estate, as we are members of REIN, the local MLS. Our agents may not refer to themselves as Realtors since that is a copyrighted term reserved for members of Realtor associations.

Q. What fees and expenses are Wainwright agents required to pay?

A. Like all members of REIN, our agents must pay the quarterly REIN licensee fee. They are also responsible for their own advertising, including signs (which are available to purchase at the office).

Q. What sort of production requirements does Wainwright have?

A. We have no production requirements. Sell as much or as little as you want.

Q. How much control do Wainwright agents have over conducting their business?

A. Our philosophy is that an agent is really running his or her own business, and we exercise the degree of supervision consistent with that approach. This means that you are free to run your business the way you see fit, but it must be in such a manner that reflects well on the company and that does not expose the company to unnecessary risk. We make sure that our agents understand and follow all laws and regulations, and make sure that they do not subject themselves or the company to liability.