Listing Tips

Checklist for a typical residential listing.

  1. Standard Listing Agreement (SLA-1)
  2. Standard Agent Exclusive Right to Sell Addendum (SAER)
  3. Residential Property Data Input and Feature Sheet forms (RPDI)
  4. Residential Property Disclosure (DPOR)
  5. Noise Disclosure (AICUZ) if property is in Va. Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Hampton. Seller must initial both noise and accident zone.
  6. Lead Paint Disclosure (LEAD-1) if built before 1978. Make sure seller fills out part 3 both A and B.
  7. If listed as a short sale, Short Sale Addendum to Listing Agreement (SS-SLA).
  8. Consumer Disclosure Form (CDIF)

Make sure all owners with a deeded interest sign all parts of the listing and disclosures. The listing cannot be input without all required signatures.

On the data input forms, all fields with a * or a + are required fields. Consult the Property Data Input Table form (PTABLE) to find many of the codes you will need for + fields here. You can also go to under “Resources” to find subdivision names and codes.

Specific Fields:

Range Marketing: should be NO

Buyer Broker: should be YES

Subagent: should be YES

Special Commission: should be NO unless you have agreed with the seller that your commission will be different if you sell the property yourself.

You need to turn in one digital photo of the exterior of the house with the listing, and we will upload that when we input it. Once the listing has been input, you should upload any remaining photos yourself as soon as possible.

Only descriptions of the property are allowed in Public Remarks! NEVER put any company or agent information here (such as your name, number, email, or website) or it will result in a hefty fine from REIN.

Square footage: unless you measure the square footage yourself, indicate in the agent remarks the source of the information (e.g. appraisal or city records).